Overdose Prevention

If a friend or loved one were having an overdose, would you be able to tell? Would you know how to help? Learn more on this page. It could help you save someone’s life.

Learn the signs of an overdose.

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Know what to do and how to help.

act fast

If you have it, give the person Narcan — a medicine that can stop an overdose from opioids. It will help wake them up and keep them breathing.

If you have injectable Narcan (a shot):

Give the person the shot (1cc/ml) in a large muscle, like their upper arm or upper leg.

what do do narcan 2You can get Narcan at the pharmacy. Call first to be sure they carry it — if they don’t, ask them to stock it. People who use opioids can carry Narcan the same way people with allergies carry an EpiPen. Narcan is not addictive.

Narcan only works with opioids. It won’t help with overdoses from other drugs like benzodiazepines (Xanax, Klonopin, Valium), methamphetamines (speed, crystal meth), cocaine, bath salts, or alcohol.

 Source: Prescribe to Prevent

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Lower your risk (if you’re using opioids).

If you’re still using opioids, you need to focus on quitting. It’s so important. But in the meantime, do everything you can to keep yourself safe and avoid an overdose.

  • Don’t use alone (because no one can help you if something goes wrong).
  • Don’t mix drugs like benzos, alcohol, and opioids like heroin.
  • Tell your friends and family what to do if you have an overdose.
  • Always have Narcan with you.
Source: Prescribe to Prevent

Click here for more infographics on overdose prevention.

For more information on preventing overdose visit Prescribe to Prevent and StopOverdose.org.

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